Remembrance: SANS Holiday Hack
The year 2020 leading up to The Fall was a trying time for society. The ongoing pandemic forced families and friends from each other's healing companionship, instead to hide inside their homes only to see their faces across video screens. The fires ravaging many parts of the world made ash fall from the sky like snow. But most alarmingly, the treacherous Orange Man divided the country, pitting brother against brother and neighbors against one another. At that time, he was still known by his birth name: Conan O'Brien.
The Lead-up to The Fall...
The following scrolls are my recording of the events that occured before The Fall.
The Fall

Many thought The Fall began when Sunburst, the Solarwinds compromise, caught the attention of the media. Others thought it started earlier, when Mötley Crüe cancelled their farewell tour (These are the same idiots that predicted the end of the world every year when Mötley Crüe would announce a farewell tour). But I know the truth. I know when it really began. It was when they announced that a Matrix 4 film would be made. So much civil unrest was caused by the Matrix 2 and 3, this was the last push that society needed to truly begin it's downward spiral.

No one knows for certain if the armagedon that would be called The Fall could have been averted. If someone, anyone, had just realized where the world was headed. If they could have warned us. But once the last episode of Fuller House streamed on Netflix, society just didn't care any more. It wanted to destroy itself.

How to Read the Scrolls

When reading through the scrolls, if you see a Name in Red, this is a person I met, place I went, or activity I performed while at the castle, and there is additional information available about that person, place, or event on another scroll which you can read by following it.

Images have been included through out the scrolls, which you can pear closer at for greater detail.

Places I Went...

In my journey through the castle, I visited many interesting places. I documented each of these locations in a scroll for future reference.

People I Met...

People are the magic in the world, and during my time in Santa's castle I met many amazing folks. I took photos and transcribed the dialog of the people I met.

  • Alabaster Snowball
  • Angel Candysalt
  • Bow Ninecandle
  • Bubble Lightington
  • Bushy Evergreen
  • Fitzy Shortstack
  • Ginger Breddie
  • Holly Evergreen
  • Jack Frost
  • Jewel Loggins
  • Jingle Ringford
  • Minty Candycane
  • Moroel Nougat
  • Noel Boetie
  • Pepper Minstix
  • Piney Sappington
  • Release the Snacken
  • Ribb Bonbowford
  • Santa
  • Shinny Upatree
  • Sparkle Redberry
  • Sugarplum Mary
  • Tangle Coalbox
  • Three Turtle Doves
  • Wunorse Openslae
Things I Did...

While traveling around the castle I was presented with multiple challenges and objectives. I recorded each of these in a separate scroll.


Other things I found.

  • Artwork
  • North Pole Map -
  • Santa Portrait
  • References to Being John Malcovich