Naught/Nice List with Blockchain Investigation - Part 2: SHHC20
Blockchain Pt2

In the Santa's Office beside Tinsel Upatree on the table is the Naught/Nice List.

The SHA256 of Jack's altered block is: 58a3b9335a6ceb0234c12d35a0564c4e f0e90152d0eb2ce2082383b38028a90f. If you're clever, you can recreate the original version of that block by changing the values of only 4 bytes. Once you've recreated the original block, what is the SHA256 of that block?

Hidden Page

Digging through the doc, I see that two pages are defined, but the second page (obj 3) is never referenced in the page tree, so its content (object 15) is never displayed.

So I changed the page reference in the initial catalog (obj 1) in byte 62 from 2 (0x32) to 3 (0x33).

The True Report

Displaying this PDF shows very different content! Wow, Jack is a douche!

So I need to change that byte from a 2 to a 3. Looking through the other block content, points being added or removed were with a single value (sign).

Hammer Code

At this point, I know two bytes that I need change, leaving two more. After reading through some of the documentation on UniColl, I decided the easiest would be to just hammer it.

So I wrote a python script available here that just brute forces through the first bunch of blocks to figure out the two that need to be changed to balance things out.


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