CAN-Bus Investigation: SHHC20
CAN-Bus Investigation

In the NetWars roof beside Wunorse Openslae is a termainal titled CAN-Bus Investigation.

Talking with Wunorse, he asks for help in finding the lock/unlock out of log files.

Verbose Log

Upon opening the modal, it is stated that a CAN bus log is saved in ./candump.log and the challenge is to find the timestamp from the UNLOCK.

Lazy Script

As I'm lazy, I wrote a quick python script available here to count the different IDs in the message logs. This showed me that there were 3 messages with the 19B ID.

Lazy Script

I reviewed the three log: two of them had the same data (the LOCK commands) and one was unique. So I submitted the timestamp, and it wasn't correct. Then I re-read the instructions and submit the correct portion of the timestamp.

./runanswer 122520

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