Objective-3: SHHC20
Santa Shop

Santa Shop

In the Courtyard beside Sugarplum Mary is a terminal titled Santa Shop.

After completing the Linux Primer, if you talk with Sugarplum she will reveal that she has become locked out of her point-of-sale system and needs help getting past the password prompt.

Download Offline Version

Opening up the Santa Shop terminal shows that you can download an offline version. Doing so produces a Windows executable - santa_shop.exe

Santa Shop Process

Launching the executable on a Windows VM opens a window at the password prompt just like on the terminal. Looking at the properties of the running process shows me it to be running from C:\Users\Jeremy\AppData\Local\Programs\santa-shop

Santa Shop Process

Going to the directory shows this app to be an electron app - a compiled Node.js app. I installed node on the VM and then installed asar with the command npm install -g asar. I then searched for an asar (compiled code) with the command (using a bash shell) find ./ -name *.asar

This shows the asar file to be at C:\Users\Jeremy\AppData\Local\Programs\santa-shop\resource\app.asar so I changed to that directory, made a directory for the source, and extracted the source from the asar using the command asar extra app.asar source

As a guess, I did a recursive case-insensitive search for the string password with the command grep -ri password. This showed a constant defined in main.js called SANTA_PASSWORD with a value of:


An overview of all people, places, and events can be learned in the Introduction.