Defeat Fingerprint Sensor: SHHC20
Defeat Fingerprint Sensor

In the Santavator the service panel will not allow for the user to go to Santa's Office unless they are in the Santa Persona.

Whats Happening

Watching the network requests when the service panel is opened, it is shown where the javascript library app.js is requested. One of the things this does, on line 47, is to built a list of the tokens that are passed in the URL query paraneter token.

From visiting the santavator as Santa, I saw that this token variable included a value of besanta

Watch a Token

Within the Chrome developer tools, I added a breakpoint to line 52 of app.js, right after the tokens variable is defined. When the debugger was launched, I added a watch to the tokens variable. I then unpaused the debugger.

Change a Token

With the tokens variable in the watch stack, I changed a value (marble) to besanta.

Where Am I?

At this point, I could press the 3rd floor button for Santa's Office and pass the fingerprint scanner.

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