Unescape Tmux: SHHC20
I've Lost My Bird...
Unescape tmux terminal

My buddy Pepper Minstix was standing beside a terminal named Unescape Tmux in the Castle Approach. He stated he had been working with tmux lately and asked for assistance in getting him back to where he was admiring a beautiful bird. 'Ol Pepper, that crazy cat...

There Can Be Only One... Session...
Terminal Prompt

tmux is a terminal emulator. Hmmm... Hints about attaching implies there is a detached session, so I did some Googling (I know there was a cheat sheet, but this is easier for me) and found the command to show all existing sessions. I executed the command tmux ls and was presented with the info in the pic. An existing session. Bingo!

Polly Wanna Cracker?
Terminal Prompt

My Googling had shown the command to re-attach to an existing session, so I ran the command tmux attach -t 0 to attach, and voila! There's the pretty bird Pepper Minstix had been looking at.

More shenanigans were behad in the Castle Approach.