33.6kbps: SHHC20
Unescape tmux terminal

In the Kitchen is Fitzy Shortstack who asks for help in completing a modem handshake so that the christmas tree lights can be adjusted.

Opening the modal shows a push button phone, along with five sounds that can be made to perform the handshake.

First, you click on the headset to pick it up and get a dialtone. Then you dial the number - 756-8347 - and then press some combination of the sounds. If the incorrect sound sequence is entered, the phone hangs up.

For this, I opened Chrome's developer tools and did a quick look through the javascript code on the page until I identified https://dialup.kringlecastle.com/dialup.js. This javascript maps out the sequence that needs to be input.

Terminal Prompt

The sequence is:

  • baa DEE brrrr
  • aaah
  • WEWEWEwrwrrwrr
  • beDURRdunditty

More shenanigans were behad in the Castle Approach.