Sort-O-Matic: SHHC20

In the workshop beside Minty Candycane is the Sort-O-Matic.

In talking with Minty, he mentions needing help fixing a regex to sort toys.

Redis Bug Hunt

When you access the Sort-O-Matic, it presents you with eight regex challenges that you need to solve to sort the presents.


The answers for each of the regex challenges is as follows:

Matches at least one digit.

Matches 3 alpha a-z characters ignoring case.

Matches 2 chars of lowercase a-z or numbers.

Matches any 2 chars not uppercase A-L or 1-5.

Matches three or more digits only.

Matches multiple hour:minute:second time formats only.

Matches MAC address format only while ignoring case.

Matches multiple day, month, and year date formats only.

An overview of all people, places, and events can be learned in the Introduction.