Entrance: SHHC20
An Invitation

I had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the SANS Holiday Hack 2020 Challenge. As I was in search of motivation to do productive things, I decided to go check the website. It was live!

As I was watching Ed's welcome video on YouTube, the email notification came out. So I opened my password vault to dig out my creds, and I headed over the the website.

A Friendly Face

Upon exiting the Jersey Turnpike at 7A (Shore Points), I found myself at a Gondola.

Entrace to Gondola

One of Santa's fairy folk, Jingle Ringford, was there helping usher new arrivals into the gondola for a ride up to Exit 19: Santa's Castle. But I also noticed a billboard nearby. Upon further conversation with Jingle, I knew there was more information that could be garnered from this billboard, so I looked closer.

From there I decided to climb aboard the gondola and take a ride to the castle approach...