Naught/Nice List with Blockchain Investigation - Part 1: SHHC20
Blockchain Pt1

In the Santa's Office beside Tinsel Upatree on the table is the Naught/Nice List.

Even though the chunk of the blockchain that you have ends with block 129996, can you predict the nonce for block 130000? Talk to Tangle Coalbox in the Speaker UNpreparedness Room for tips on prediction and Tinsel Upatree for more tips and tools. (Enter just the 16-character hex value of the nonce)

Python Script

To find the nonce for block 130000, I wrote a python script that is available Here

First, I extended the Chain class so that I could more easily pull individual blocks out, dump the nonces, etc....

With the nonces dumped, I copied the mt19937 code that was used for Snowball Fight, but in my braindead stuppor, I couldn't figure out the exact code changes that were needed to use a 64bit nonce instead of a 32bit. I'm missing something, and some additional futzing on my part will figure it out. But some googling showed another variation at here that allowed me to feed the nonce in and guess the next one.


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