Sleigh CAN-D-BUS Problem: SHHC20

In the NetWars roof beside Wunorse Openslae is Santa's sleigh.

Talking with Wunorse, he states there are some problems with the logs.

Remove the Noise

Upon opening the modal, I was presented with an interface that allowed me to exclude specific messages and the controls of the sleigh. The first thing I did was to filter out all messages to be at a clean slate (knowing some filters would need to be removed later).

Equals 19B#0000000F2057
Equals 244#000000000000
Equals 080#000000000000
Equals 188#000000000000
Equals 019#000000000000
Contains 080#00000000FF00

Some Noise Good

From there, I started identifying the CAN IDs of various controls.

019 = Steering
02A = Start/Stop
19B = Lock/Unlock
080 = Brake
244 = Engine RPM

After evaluating each control, all of the 00000000 messages were valid, so removing those resolved the challenge!

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